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Tech Design Camp for Young Women

Ten high school women participated in a three-day technology design camp run by Leah Nofsinger, along with Gabrielle Geenen, Tammy Nofsinger, Emma Kronenberg, Conor Blackburn, and Lucas Nofsinger.

The students learned to apply design aesthetics to ceramics, and then 3D scanned their artwork, followed by modifying it with 3D modeling software, and 3D printed their artwork on 3D printers.

The students were also introduced to data analysis, programming, FIRST Robotic Competition robotic design; building and programming Lego Mindstorms. They also learned design thinking and how to apply it to designing successful lives through establishing meaningful life goals and forming keystone habits that help them develop grit and assertiveness.

The key outcome of the camp was that the participants greatly increased their understanding, interest and intent to pursue further learning and careers in STEM fields, including 3D design and robotics. They also increased their confidence and willingness to make mistakes experience significant challenge in areas that most interest them.


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