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Dialogue for Eco-Entrepreneurship

On Wednesday, Jan 22, 2020, Innovation Works will host a dialogue discussion for seniors and young adults, including its Design Ninja Eco Agency student members, as well as other youth from the community, to launch a dialogue program aimed at developing community solutions to climate change. The group will use a dialogue process developed by physicist David Bohm, who created the process with the belief that only through structured dialogue can society solve complex challenges like climate change.

Bohmian Dialogue is an ideal form of user-centered design, as it engages the end users in designing ideal solutions that work for the entire group, which explores various options in a non-judgmental, open-minded atmosphere. This process was used by Innovation Works to develop its curriculum aimed at inspiring girls and other underrepresented students to pursue STEM learning and leadership.

In this series of dialogues, Innovation Works will use the dialogue process to explore how society once existed at a much more sustainable level, and possible ways for our community to support a similar level of sustainable living, with support from modern tools and technologies. We hope that by tapping into the creativity and passion of youth adults, and merging it with insights and wisdom of our senior generation, the group can develop beneficial habits, processes and product and service ideas that can help us all live more sustainably in the modern era.

The Dialogue Circle that met monthly in 2017 to develop Innovation Works.


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